a fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a tragic hero or heroine

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Anonymous: Hi sami just wanted to check in haha. Well today I didn't cut myself but unfortunately i did yesterday so my arm stings but i will get over it. Today my older sister saw my cuts and kind of got mad. But I feel like we for closer today because of it. My parents almost saw because I was careless and for got to put my concealer on it ugh. But today was pretty ok I was out most of the day so it was a good distraction. Hope all is well with you. Xx

I’m so proud of you for staying strong today! I’m glad you as your sister managed to bond over it, maybe she can try to help you too? And you must be careful with the concealer when the cuts are fresh, do you clean them afterwords? I’m glad your parents didn’t see either. As for me, my day’s been fine! Ran some errands and that lovely man I told you about spoke to me after a week of total silence. Oh it was awful, but now I can sleep easier knowing he’s okay. Stay strong honey. Keep me updated!

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iĀ believeĀ in hate at first sight

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